Sea-lion attacking fur seal


Exclusive Photos

Exclusive to this website... the only photos in the world of a Hooker sea-lion attacking a NZ fur seal... then killing it and eating it... never been photographed before... WARNING!! Contains graphic violent scenes

Sea-lion attacking fur seal

Hooker sea-lion savouring a mouthful of fur seal.

Iwas intending to take some photos of nice cute penguins coming ashore in the evening but when I got to my usual viewpoint I noticed a fur seal swimming close to the rocks in very shallow water, so I decided to attach my camera to my tripod and take some photos of the fur seal. Suddenly I heard a lot of splashing and the seagulls going crazy screeching and flying around. I glanced down the hill to see what the commotion was all about and to my amazement a huge sea-lion had appeared from somewhere and had the fur seal in it's mouth.

At first I thought I must be mistaken then the sea-lion began to shake the fur seal and plunge it under the water over and over tearing big chunks out of it to kill it and by then I was down the hill and taking photos flat out just by sheer instinct. I photographed the sea-lion for a full hour as it killed the fur seal by ripping it in half then it tore out big chunks and ate them. Every now and then the sea-lion would go into a frenzy of blood lust and start shaking the carcass violently then plunging into the pool of blood eating the shredded bits thrown loose by the shaking. It was a scene of absolute horror. When I left the sea-lion was still pigging out on fur seal and the gulls had joined in the feast but I couldn't take anymore. It was all a bit unexpected really. I was expecting cute penguins... not slaughter and blood and guts!

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Location where sea-lion attacked and ate a fur seal

X marks the spot where the sea-lion attacked and ate a fur seal. I was standing on the rock taking photos but this view is where I first saw the fur seal as I was coming down the hill.

Hooker sea-lion killing and eating a fur seal

The frenzied attack...

Sea-lion attacking fur seal

The fur seal didn't stand a chance.

Sea-lion attacking fur seal


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